Monday, November 7, 2011

What's a Mama to do??? Come to MOPS DUH!!!

I can’t believe it has almost been two weeks since our last MOPS Meeting. We talked about decision making and how the choices we have in life can sometimes be overwhelming. In our book, MomSense, Jean Blackmer suggests some practical ways to handle our choice overload by using specific steps in critical thinking to eliminate options that are not feasible and focusing on choices that make sense for one’s particular family and situation.

The steps of critical thinking are:
1. Be a skeptic (Think about who is telling you what, and why they might want you to agree with them or believe them)
2. Be informed (As smart questions. Also, have a few trusted resources and mentors to ask for advice).
3. Be an example to your kids (Developing critical thinking is a life skill to model and encourage in your children).

(See MomSense Chapter 3 for more details).

Now we are on to Thursday’s Meeting! We will be back at Victory Tabernacle (Thank you Morningstar Family Church for hosting our last meeting)!!!

I am so excited that Beth Fisher will be leading our discussion on Patience and dealing with conflict (MomSense chapter 4). Whose family doesn’t have conflict?? I believe Beth will bring great insight to us and she will probably also give us a few laughs along the way. Beth and her husband Tim are pastors of Walkersville Community Church and are parents to four teenagers (YIKES)!!! I hope you can join us for dinner at 6, our meeting begins just around 6:30 (but you don’t want to miss dinner… White Chicken Chilli!!! YUMMM). Don’t forget dinner and activities are provided for your children ages 0-10! That means all you have to do is make your hubby a sandwich or leave him money for pizza and show up at MOPS!!!

See you Thursday!

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