Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On Thursday evening we had our second official MOPS Meeting at Victory Tabernacle! We started the evening with a yummy meal made by Barbara Heinz- Chicken Noodle Casserole. To top it off we had “Bundt Cake Surprise” from April Poole. What was the surprise?? Only the one thing that could make a chocolate Bundt Cake even better… TWINKIES!!

Natalie opened the meeting by talking a bit about her own mothering journey, and shared a great piece talking about the Proverbs 31 woman. Click here to read what she shared about the virtuous woman.

Joining us for the meeting were mother daughter duos, Barb Heinz and Natalie Lowman, Dottie Miller and Lacy Reynolds (me). The panel answered questions about how they were raised and how that can affect their own parenting. Some parts of the discussion were difficult, as some of the women talked about how their homes were not perfect. The unifying theme from both generations was that their mothers did the best they could, and that they can say their mother loved them. What more could any of us want said of us?

As a mother it is so easy to let the way we were raised dictate how we will raise our children. Sometimes this is good, and other times it is not. We need to take the good, and the bad and learn how to sort through all of these factors and build a bridge between how we were mothered and how we choose to mother our own children. Learning from the past is essential in creating a successful future. Take some time to examine how you can bridge your childhood to your mothering… perhaps you will make some amazing discoveries.

On a lighter note, we took the concept of building bridges and divided the group into two teams. Each team was given a selection of Magnetics. They were then instructed to build a bridge. Rules to follow were:

1. Must use all pieces.
2. Must complete in 10 minutes.
3. Everyone must participate.
4. Whoever finishes first gets bonus points.

The team that won was certainly creative, both teams did a great job and we had lots of fun watching the ladies work together! Here are a few before and after pictures! Thanks to all the MOPS for being such good sports!

Join us for our MOPS Night out on Thursday, Oct. 20th. We will meet at 6 PM at the Applebees in Waynesboro, PA. This is a MOPS only event, no childcare will be provided. Please bring cash to pay for your meal. I hope to see you there!


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