No Solicitation: The MOPS mission is to encourage, equip, and develop every mother as a woman, mother, and leader. We want all moms to feel welcome, included, and free of pressure when they attend MOPS meetings or join our organization. For this reason, MOPS strictly adheres to a non-solicitation policy. This means that MOPS email lists, directories, and other related publications are not to be used to solicit any type business personal or otherwise. This includes home based businesses, tutoring, daycare, sales parties etc. Thank you for continuing to respecting this policy!

Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) Delay/Cancellations Policies:
Please remember that our MOPS meetings during the winter months directly follow FCPS. If Frederick County Schools delay or close, our MOPS meeting will automatically be cancelled. Please check the schools’ status before every winter MOPS meeting! You can also check local news and radio stations, FCPS Television Channel 18, or the FCPS website www.fcps.org. Thanks!

MOPS International Membership. Each year MOPS International charges a dues of $23.95 to cover the cost of the quarterly MomSense Magazine, weekly Mom-E-Mails and other MOPS gear that a mom receives each year with membership. None of this fee goes to Victory Tabernacle, nor does Victory Tabernacle charge an additional fee for membership. We expect that each MOP will join MOPS International upon the 2nd or 3rd visit to MOPS so they can fully participate in the benefits of being a member of MOPS International and help support MOPS around the world. If there is a reason a MOP cannot commit to this $23.95 per year cost, please contact the Steering Team.