Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting it Together!

We missed lots of MOPS during our meeting on Thursday. There has been lots of nasty bugs going around, hopefully everyone will be feeling better in time for our MOPS Night out (Click here for more information) or our meeting on the 26th!

Our topic was “Consistency”. We discussed how a new year tends to bring new resolutions and new routines. All of the home magazines are discussing “de-cluttering” and “organization” for the New Year. So our experts (aka US) decided to share some of our favorite tips and tricks to keep the home running smoothly and organized. Each mom selected an area of the home to share their methods for controlling the madness.

Family Room
- Train children to play with one thing at a time then put it away.
- Use small boxes for storage (some moms like to separate “like” toys, others say as long as they are cleaned up we’re good).
- Have an open area for play, but the toys should be stored in one corner so the room can be restored to an adult friendly room once the day is done.
- Toys must be cleaned up before bedtime.

Playroom/Kid’s Room
- Have bins to organize toys.
- Keep things that you don’t always want them playing with high up, so they have to ask ex. My son gets upset when his little sister destroys his train tracks, I keep them up so when she is asleep he can ask to play with the train).
- Have an extra “Clean Up” tote to through things in quickly then put away later.

Storage Room
- Use Rubbermaid containers with labels to store out of season clothes.
- Clear Rubbermaid’s are helpful so you can see what is inside of them.
- Use clear plastic drawer bins for storing craft/art supplies.
- Keep a tote with extra tooth brush, shampoo and such for those “just in case” times.
- Another MOP coordinates her totes with the seasons, so when she stores her autumn things, she puts them in the orange/brown colored totes, for Christmas she uses the red and green.


- Buy separate hampers for each member of the family and color-code or name them. Sort clothes as you fold them, and then everyone can grab their own basket and put stuff away.
- Keep at least 3 dirty clothes hampers in your bathroom, one for colors, one for whites and one for towels.
- Install a fold away ironing board on your wall. Also, a bracket for your iron so that they are always easy to access.
- Install a rod (tension mount is fine) so that delicates or ironed clothes can be hung right away.
- Shelves!! Keep most used products within arms reach and seldom used products higher.
- If you have a sink, cut a piece of plywood slightly larger than the opening that you can lay on top and you have a nice spot to fold clothes that can easily be put away.
- Keep a small bin or basket for stray socks. You're bound to find the match eventually.


- Organize stations (mixing, chopping, cooking cleaning).
- Meal Planning- One MOP is working on a meal plan for a year, inspired by
- A good blog to find 24 weeks worth of meal plans is
- Another MOP has created an inventory on Excel® that she uses when she goes shopping. She runs through the house to see if she needs to replenish a supply.
- Use a cleaning checklist to help keep on top of the housework and not spend too much time on cleaning. TidyMom has a great system
- Get on Pintrest!!! 

This was a really fun topic for all of us, but there is more fun to come during our next meeting. Rodney Cool from Aesthetic Life Studios ( will be with us to share some pointers on taking great shots! I can't wait to FINALLY learn how to take good pictures!

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